Saturday, September 18, 2021

Kettlebell Core Workout

Kettlebell Core Workout

Kettlebell Core Workout

You could call these kettlebell core stability exercises as well, as these exercises are all about stabilizing the core during the work.

Don’t forget, you don’t only need kettlebell core strength, you also need mobility in that spine, those shoulders, the scapula, and so on.

If you like these exercises then you should consider buying the Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia which features all the kettlebell exercises you can imagine. The illustrations are nice and clear with a white background, and the descriptions are well written. You can buy the book as an electronic version on Cavemantraining or as printed books on Amazon.

The kettlebell core exercises in the video are the thoracic rotation and curl, halo, overhead static hold, side bend, and around the body.


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